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Online or Offline Services

Often, there are requirements or advantages to having the CPI team work directly in a customers’ system. With easy access via VPN or RDC, CPI staff can help to analyze and project the advantages or challenges of this data capture method. Alternatively, with secure FTP or other image transfer, CPI has developed sophisticated internal data capture software to accurately and efficiently enter required fields of information.

Offline Keying

CPI can receive document images in numerous ways, including SFTP, hard drives, thumb, DVD, and more. After receipt of the images, CPI will acknowledge the upload and counts to verify that all the documents have been received and there is a match. After confirming instructions and rules, staff will send a preliminary test for client review and approval. Next, the images are distributed in CPI’s proprietary system for data capture, quality control, and ultimate return of output.

In an offline capacity, CPI can utilize:

  • Manual double entry verification
  • Single entry with random QC
  • OCR and verification

We take information from images of:

  • Paper
  • Microfilm, Microfiche, Aperture cards
  • Books, Newspapers, periodicals, odd sized paper
  • Engineering/Architectural Drawings
  • Most computer file formats and many form types (HCFA 1500 & UB82, ADA, AP/AR, etc.)

Your data can be returned in nearly any format

  • .txt, .rtf, .pdf, .doc, .mdb, .htm, .xml, .dbf, etc.
  • Delimited, fixed position, multi-table, etc.
  • Industry standard (such as ANSI formats) or your customer format
  • On any media (DVD, CD, optical disk, tape, etc.)

Output files are returned via the Internet, FTP, VPN or package delivery service, using encryption techniques to insure privacy and security.

Online Keying & Remote Verification

CPI seamlessly works directly in the numerous customers’ systems to carry out their data capture requirements. Processing this way allows for:

  • Assure greater security – images and data do not leave your facility
  • Maximize the ROI on systems development by utilizing your custom software for data capture and workflow
  • Process 24/7 – Combine outsource, offshore and in-house work teams
  • Integrate multiple databases for verification and updating
  • Save the time and cost of uploading and downloading images and files


  • Database updates for information obtained by web search, such as property taxes due and paid
  • Verification of OCR results for health care claims, MICR OCR.
  • Image cropping and cleanup
  • Preparing real estate title commitment letters
  • Verifying mortgage document preparation for approval in workflow systems
  • Matching or verifying new product prices from a web search information OR entering new data into an existing customers’ database

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