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The CPI Process

To consistently reach our standards of high quality and reliable delivery, CPI utilizes a proven process. We succeed by always employing: planning, technology, testing, training, quality assurance, and on-time delivery.

Project Planning

Good preparation starts the momentum toward good results. U.S. project managers and industry experts analyze your business processes to see its role in the overall workflow. Then we work with you to develop project specifications, quality systems, training materials, technology, security protocols, data formats, deadlines and report metrics.

Customize Technology

Software can help verify accuracy of information and processing decisions, and monitors performance. Thanks to on-site programmers, we can quickly modify software for unique project needs. CPI can work online in client systems, giving you full control of information, databases and security. Or clients can use our custom platforms, which can include:

  • Validation
  • Table lookups
  • Consistency formulas
  • Business and logic rules
  • Automated capture (uses OCR, ICR OMR, other techniques)
  • Single or double verified data entry, with web and database integration
  • Workflow management
  • Productivity and quality monitoring
  • System status
  • Reports

Testing and Customer Approval

Before a project begins, tests assure that results – submitted for your approval – meet or exceed expectations. Potential quality or production issues are addressed.

Continual Training

Ongoing instruction helps employees achieve consistently high accuracy rates. For complex projects, special training equips team members to make decisions when entering data, such as identifying unique forms or searching a document to find the correct information among possible fields or choices.

Quality Assurance

CPI guarantees the required accuracy using technology and manual monitoring. After the programmatic editing and verification, output specialists carefully review data before transmission. Oftentimes, random audits are performed to further guarantee the highest possible accuracy.

On-Time Delivery

Project output can be delivered as quickly as minutes after images are available. Some are delivered within 2-3 hours from receipt and others are delivered overnight. CPI teams are available 24/7 and can develop a process to fit the requirements of the program.

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