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Government – Municipal, County, State, Federal

  • Register of deeds document database
  • County records systems – court, prosecutor, Friend of Court, Sheriff, parking
  • Vital records database
  • Licenses – drivers, hunting/fishing, guns, etc.
  • Tax forms

Case Study:

Though CPI does not routinely work directly with government agencies, many of its’ projects involve capturing data and indexing from government records.

The Situation:

A northeastern U.S. county had a collection of Vital Records dating between 1940 and 2001.  To make these records more retrievable for their constituents, the county needed a company to image the documents , then to capture designated fields for placement in their on-line system.

The Solution:

In cooperation with the scanning service, CPI’s team reviewed sample documents that included, Birth, Death, and Marriage Certificates.  Fields to be entered included, husband’s name, wife’s name, child’s name, deceased name, dates, certificate numbers, etc.  Most were typewritten, but some had handwritten fields.  After deciding on keying specifications and rules, output format, as well as a policy for dealing with illegible characters, CPI submitted a test to the county staff for review and approval.

The project included 600,000 documents.  Using double entry verification, CPI completed the job in 60 days and provided character level accuracy exceeding 99.9%.


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