Data Capture & BPO Services
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Title Mortgage Services

  • Document review and typing
  • Title Plant development and maintenance
  • Tax status search and typing
  • Commitment preparation
  • Document search and retrieval
  • On-line real estate market research/mail list preparation
  • UCC database maintenance

Appraisal Services

  • Appraisal data entry
  • QC and clerical review
  • Desktop review

Case Study:

The Situation:

A Texas based firm wanted to enter the Title Agency business since the energy market was developing quickly in their region. They needed an experienced vendor to develop a title plant (database of all the land records dating back several decades) as required by the State Insurance department. Concerned about the cost and time needed to build the plant, they contacted CPI.

The Solution:

Via telephone conferences and emails, the Agent and CPI staff determined the appropriate rules and specifications for the document transfer, data capture, and output.  After thorough testing and contract approval, CPI staff was provided access to the complete set of images from the County records to be indexed.

The CPI team then built the Plant; including Document type and dates, Grantors, Grantees, location description, Book/Page, and more. Partial deliveries were made every week, reviewed and approved.

Within a few months, the firm was able to begin serving as a title agent in its region.

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