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OCR/ICR Verification

Your project may save time and money while achieving high accuracy with automated data capture. These technologies include:

  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
  • ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition)
  • OMR (Optical Mark Recognition)

OCR/OMR Technology Works Best When:

  • The printing on each document is clear with consistent separation between letters and sentences, columns in tables, surrounding graphics, etc. Also, drawings, graphics or art have clearly defined lines. This allows the scanner and OCR software to easily recognize each separate character of type or line of a drawing.
  • Forms are designed for OCR/OMR. Printing on forms can use special characters designed for OCR or OMR recognition. Response areas use constrained boxes to encourage or force printing in specific form areas. Targets such as a cross next to a crucial field will allow the OCR to orient the page and locate correct fields.

Automated Capture Services Include:

Full Text OCR

Used to capture all text, graphics, charts, tables, etc. from the document. Saved as a PDF, Word .doc, txt, rtf, etc. Creates a digital file you can search and edit.

Structured Forms Capture (OCR/ICR)

Capture data from specific box or fields on a preprinted form. Data can be transferred to databases, spreadsheets or text files.

Unstructured Document Capture (OCR/ICR)

OCR searches for specific information logically related to a portion of the document. For example, capturing a number following the words ‘CUSTOMER #’ from many different invoice formats. ICR is also improving recognition of handwriting and ICR engines can be ‘trained’ to learn to read different handwriting styles.

Optical Mark Recognition (OMR)

Capture results from ‘response marks’ on surveys, questionnaires, answer sheets, registration cards, etc.

MICR Recognition

Recognize MICR printed data from checks.

OCR Verification and Repair

No matter which technology is selected, the software often cannot read a portion of documents or data. In addition, you may need the most critical fields validated by a human proofreader. CPI provides the expert OCR operators and the human proofreaders to maximize productivity and quality.

Full Text OCR/Reformatting

For ‘full text’ OCR, many times the software fails to create an exact replica of the original documents. CPI can proofread the OCR results and reformat the file to realign paragraphs, margins, fonts, tables, etc. This is done in a variety of text editors (Word, WordPerfect, etc) and page layout programs (Adobe Page Maker, Quark, etc.). Proofreading can be as simple as running an automated spell check or require layout specialists to prepare a document for publishing or presentation on the web.

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