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About CPI Data Services

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CPI Data Services has been in the Business Process Outsourcing, document conversion, and data capture business since 1998. An experienced, world-class global partner, with an excellent record for quality and reliability, CPI provides knowledgeable business process solutions including:

Data Capture    •   Online/Offline Search and Index

Document ID and Segregation   •   Redaction

OCR/ICR Verification   •   eCommerce Data Optimization

CPI’s best-shore solutions guarantee secure access to scalable, flexible staffing, IT resources, and responsive, on-time, and below-budget customer service. Having CPI on your team will result in:

  • Reduced production costs
  • Higher quality data services
  • Knowledgeable data capture specialists on your project
  • Freed up employee’s time for critical internal activity
  • Dedicated project management

Though your project may be performed globally, it is carefully and actively monitored by CPI’s U.S. management team. CPI managers and supervisors can access your account information from any location, at any time, using web-based project control and scheduling software.

Close ties between CPI’s headquarters and customer service center in Farmington Hills, Michigan (near Detroit), and its lower-cost facilities in China and India, enable seamless communication without time or cultural barriers. With expertise in a wide array of industries, CPI offers a diverse, high-quality, 24/7 best-shore operation.

Guaranteed Data Security

Your most critical concern – and ours – is the confidentiality and security of your data. Our strict security measures and fail-safe technology solutions ensure it. CPI production centers are ISO 27001 certified for network and data security and HIPAA compliant.

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