Data Capture & BPO Services
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Service Bureaus /
Imaging Companies

  • Data capture/indexing
  • Document recognition/multi-paging
  • Crop/split/de-skew images
  • Convert file types
  • Redaction
  • OCR/ICR, OCR verification
  • Data integrity validation
  • Online or offline processing

Case Study:

The Situation:

A conversion service bureau in the Midwest had an energy related customer with 500 boxes of documents, including, HR, finance, planning, real estate, legal, and other material. The service bureau was scanning it all and required a trustworthy firm to identify, separate, and index each image for easy access and retrieval by their customer.  The entire project needed to be delivered with 6 weeks.

The Solution:

CPI project management team in Michigan worked closely with the service bureau staff to  establish guidelines for document identification, then rules and specifications for indexing of each type of document as well as output format and transfer protocol.

CPI completed a test of a representative sample of the documents.  Then, the 2 teams arranged a process that met customer accuracy and output format requirements as well as the need to keep costs manageable.

CPI was able to complete training and assign a skilled team to the project.  Deliveries were made weekly and reviewed and approved by the Service Bureau managers and their customer.  The project was completed before the 6 week deadline and was a complete success for both the energy company and the service bureau.

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